Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Thunderstorm and a Ninja Mom Fail

So let me tell you, I know that we got very lucky in the sleeping baby lottery.  I know this.  So when someone is up in the middle of the night when I'm used to sleeping, yeah I'm not used to that.

We had a pretty epic thunderstorm last night, and for the first time ever, it woke Ramona up, enough that I needed to go upstairs and try to get her back down.  And back down I got her.  Three times.  Each time I would try to sneak out of her room, and each time when I was almost out she'd sit bolt upright (out of her SLEEP) and starting babbling in that tone and with that look that just said "Uh...WTF?  Sit down."

Trying to sneak out of her room is no easy feat, though.  Our house is old and has the original hardwood, so every single step comes with a squeal or a squeak or a groan.  This is especially true of the middle of the room, so by the third time I had enough sense to at least attempt to snake around the perimeter of the room like ninja cat (look up the video for a visual).  Didn't work.  I eventually had to gently let her know the storm was over and mommy was going back downstairs.  She cried for a couple of minutes but settled herself back down (this is a major reason we've never co-slept, ever since she was tiny, 90% of the time she will not fall asleep if someone's holding her, in her room, if she's not in her own bed, etc).  Yes, of course the storm was over by then, I wasn't leaving her alone with the big bad thunder, geez.

What's somewhat ridiculous about this is that the other night, in a panic about having enough summer clothes for her, I went in her room and seriously moved furniture and rifled through her drawers while she slept and didn't make a peep.  She gets that from her dad, who of course slept through this whole thing.

I'll tell you though, I totally reveled in the "I want my mommy" neediness.  I love it.  Two large iced coffees today, thank you.

Look how cute she is when she's sleeping.  Look.

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