Monday, February 27, 2012

Look! I Made Something!

I need to get better about this blogging business.  Some sort of consistency, schedule, etc.  I've been told that I should keep it up, but I think part of my issue is a lack of feedback.  I mean, my husband doesn't really count, ya know? 

So anyway, this post is just for me show off the fact that a couple of months ago I actually had the motivation to do a project that I found on Pinterest and bring it into my real life, instead of just mind-numbingly pinning a ton of "Oooh look at that" things.  Unfortunately, I only took a picture of the finished project, no in-progress shots.  I did have a couple of badly lit phone shots, but they were lost when my subpar SD card decided that she just couldn't take anymore, Cap'n!*

However, I can direct you to the blog post that I followed to make the wreath, it can be found HERE- the steps are super easy to follow!  Here's my finished project:

Please ignore the unfinished paint job behind it.  It will soon be PURPLE anyway!

Obviously I made some changes in the way that I did mine - I used three different types of yarn (which made this project take for-ev-er) and I used two different colors of felt in in some of the larger flowers just to see if I could.  I was pretty stoked about how it turned out.  I chose the colors that I did so I could have this up in the winter without it being a "Christmas wreath".  After we pick out the new door color I'll probably be making a more spring-like style, maybe find/make some sort of bird(s) for it.** 

What I do need to figure out is what I can use to sort of "seal" the yarn after it's done.  After being outside for a couple months, it's starting to get fuzzy and I'm worried that it won't hold up.  Hopefully soon I'll find something and get started on the next one!

*Sorry, geek attack
**Apparently I need to watch Portlandia, I keep hearing about "put a bird on it" and yeah, that's just me.