Saturday, April 28, 2012

Eighteen Months

18 months now.  I meant to write a post to you at twelve, but so much was going on that like everything else, I just kept putting it off.  18 months, and so much has changed since the last time I wrote to you, at six.  It's like you're a whole different person, and in a way, you are.

You're a full-blown toddler now, and so big in your 3T's already.  You're almost as big as your friends who are two and three already, strangers can't believe you're as young as you are.  You talk so much, so many words, starting to put together two-word sentences, and still babbling to yourself in the language you made up for yourself.

My favorite time to hear you talk is when you read from a book.  Your voice ranges high and low, going up in excitement, mimicking the way you're read to.  And you do love your books, they're not really toys, but they're definitely your favorite thing to play with.  Your favorites are always the Bright Baby books, right now it's First 100 Words because you love to point and repeat the names of objects.  But at night, you still let me read to you, as long as afterward you can read back to me.  I can't wait until you're a little bit older and I can start reading chapter books to you, but right now I'll gladly settle for Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  And you still let me read Goodnight Moon, although our copy is much more beat-up now.

I'm working now, and I hate not seeing you as much.  It was so hard going from being with you all day almost every day, to only seeing you for a couple hours at night and on the weekends.  I worry that you're going to have some sort of disconnect from me.  I especially feel sad those times that you seem to prefer your grandma over me, but I know it's because you spend so much time with her.  I worry that I can't do all the things with you that I want, but I'll always make time for you when I can.  I worry about ever having another baby, because how will it be fair for me to take even more time from you?

You get so easily excited about things.  You say Hi and Bye to everybody, over and over again, even cars passing in the street.  You love to pick flowers.  Bubbles are another favorite, you cannot get enough of them, and you're getting good at blowing them on your own.  You get nervous and giggly around dogs, and yell in excitement when the cat (CAT-TUH!) decides to make an appearance in your presence.  You've got your papa wrapped around your finger.  You're just so...old.  You haven't taken a bottle or a pacifier in I don't even know how long.  You have almost a whole mouthful of teeth, you get put in time-outs already when you forget that hitting is not nice, you already have a potty that you like to sit on but haven't used yet for it's intended purpose.

You carry your sippy cup and especially Baby Monkey around with you everywhere.  I love when you hug and kiss him, but you're mean to him sometimes too.  That's ok though, even a toddler has to get her frustrations out.  You take my hand and lead me around when you're ready to go somewhere, or when you want me to sit down here, lay down here, read, watch a video.  You can be very demanding, but I'm ok with that right now.  You freely give hugs and kisses.  You've learned how much I love your kisses and use them to stall at night, asking for a million in a row, knowing that I'll stay a couple extra minutes to make up for all the kisses I miss during the day.

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