Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Glammin' It Up

Ah, the glamourous aspects of motherhood.

I wiggled Romy out of her jumper and very quickly realized that she was completely soaked.  I took her upstairs thinking it was just wetness, and maybe she was salvageable.  No.  There was stinky green crap all the way up to her neck.  This was a new specimen, likely brought on by her recent introduction to peaches.

We had to get in the bathtub, both of us still in our pajamas.  Let's just say thank god, again, for the removable showerhead, that thing is a lifesaver in these situations.  Got all cleaned up, had a little bit of tub time, ended up stripped down to my underwear and undersized Lord of the Rings shirt that I only wear for sleep now because dammit that thing will never fit me right again, and took her upstairs to put her down for her nap.  I rocked her a bit over her crib while she rubbed her eyes, and right before I laid her down...I noticed she had a big booger sticking out of her nose.

Which I promptly picked and wiped on my shirt because that was all I had.

Some of you may judge me, but some of you have been there.

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