Saturday, January 7, 2012

Trying To Ignore the Shiny Objects

So, apparently I'm not very good at this blogging thing.  I obviously haven't posted in a bit, for a myriad of reasons.  I get anxious about what to write about, about whether it sounds right, about whether it's something that people will want to read at all (all like, 2 of you).  And I'm just lazy.

Maybe lazy isn't the right word.  I think it's more like completely unmotivated, which unfortunately seems applicable to many facets of my life.  So, with that, it's January and with the new year comes a slew of goals that are normally abandoned before anyone even starts wondering whether or not it's a leap year.  The majority of my goals are family goals, though, something Hubs and I both want to work on to generally improve our lives.  It's kind of sad how basic they are:

-Keep the house clean
     I hate cleaning.  A lot.  A lot lot.  But we've started making an effort to actually do the dishes at night (what?!)  and pick up the toys (I know!), even do a load of laundry and put it away (shocking!).  As for the rest, Jed's sister is on our cell phone plan, needs a way to help pay for it, and does cleaning on the side- win win, right?

-Eat healthier
    We know how to eat healthier, we just don't do it.  I want to try making some freezer meals, using my crockpot more, etc.  This is my goal before I get to working out, I know that if I try to radically change something all at once I will quickly give up.  And we have to stop eating out so much!  Which leads to...

-Fix our money
     Pay bills.  Don't spend it on stupid shit.  Should be easy enough, right?

-Grow the business
     Jed basically took over his dad's remodeling company after he lost his job last year.  Things weren't working out when he used to work for him, but he's really motivated to make something more out of it this year.

So those are the basics.  We really want to turn things around this year, at least get started on a good path (

-I tried to come up with some yellow brick road analogy, but that particular road just led to a discovery of lies and "Oh, I had it all along," but guess what, I don't have a pile of cash and carrots and Mary Poppins hiding anywhere.  Great movie, though.


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